Group Classes

Group classes are a great place to start with a puppy or dog who hasn't had any formal training. Group classes provide an opportunity for socialization and learning how to follow commands with distractions. This isn't the setting for a dog who has reactive/aggressive behaviors.

We have small class sizes (max 4) to allow for personalized attention.

Puppies Unleashed

Basic Life Skills

Expert Life Skills

This class is for puppies 4 months old and younger. 

This class will mainly be taught off leash. A leash is a tool and shouldn't be a necessity in dog obedience. If your dog can learn to obey commands off leash, then on leash will be no problem.

Learn all the same skills as the basic life skills course, but off leash.

This class is best suited for any dog of any age that needs basic formal training. 

Learn basic commands such as sit, down, stay. But also master focus, impulse control, and boundaries. Learning life skills will help live a cohesive life, make going to the vet easier and going out in public a breeze. 

Life skill basic course completion required or an equivalent beginner dog training course. 

Expand on all the skills learned in the basic course and practice real life scenarios. Add distance, distractions, and duration to make your dog more reliable. Learn additional skills such as wait, touch, and stand. 

 In-person/Virtual Wednesdays 6pm
Starting January 6 -FULL
In-person/Virtual Mondays 6pm
Starting January 26
50 minute session once a week
6 weeks
In-person/Virtual Wednesdays 7pm
Starting January 6 -FULL
In-person/Virtual Mondays 7pm
Starting January 26
50 minute session once a week
6 weeks
In-person Thursdays 6pm
Starting January 7 -FULL
In-person Thursdays 7pm
Starting February 17
50 minute session once a week
6 weeks


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