My Recommendations

Here are some of my recommendations that add enrichment to your dog's lifestyle. A dog with an enriched life can lead to a fulfilled life. This will lead to a better relationship with your dog and a more well-behaved dog.

Buster cube is a good way to add enrichment to your dog's mealtime. They need to flip it to get the food to come out. It is very durable and will take your dog a while to get their meal out of this toy.

A flirt pole can be used for additional exercise and fulfillment. This is a good tool to help teach impulse control. It is a fun game for you and your dog to play together. This toy is helpful if you are unable to give your dog as much exercise as you'd like to.

IQ treat ball is a ball dispensing toy that has the option of changing the difficulty for the size of the food or treats you are wanting to use. There are two layers of obstacles your the treats must go through before being dispensed.

A kong toy can be used for several enrichment ideas. One of the best toys for stuffing, solid treats or wet food. A kong can be used for play and fetch as it will erratically bounce around. It is also a good choice for chewers. For heavy chewers be sure to get Kong Extreme.

The Chuckit Ball Launcher is a great toy for your ball obsessed fetchers! It allows for hands free pick up and comes in several sizes to fit your dog. It allows for great exercise for your dog since you can launch the ball up to 140 feet. Even if you don't have a large space, it is a fun toy to use to get that ball moving fast. There are also different Chuckit balls you can get, even ones that squeak and even breathe right balls for our snub-nosed breeds.

The Jolly Egg is a fun toy for a dog that likes to chase or herd. This egg shaped toy moves in an erratic motion as your dog pushes it around. It comes in 12" and 8" sizes and it floats. This is a good toy for self entertainment.

The lickimat is a good tool to use when you want your dog in a calm state. Licking is a calming behavior for dogs. Put a wet substance, such as peanut butter, coconut oil, or banana and freeze it, ready for a time when your dog needs to relax.

An elevated bed is a bed that dogs gravitate to and love. It can help keep dogs cool. They are easy to clean and can be used indoor and outdoor.

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