Snuffle Mat

Snuffle mats offer dogs an indoor opportunity to scavenge for their food and works well for fast eaters to slow their eating.

Make your own snuffle mat with instructions below for mealtime fun.

Start with a base. This is a garage floor floormat. It has nine of these sections that would need to be cut for separate snuffle mats. There are also sink mats that you could use. The floormat is heavier for a dog that would be rougher with it and maybe try to overturn it.

I use fleece for my snuffle mats but if you had old t-shirts or towels you could use those too.

Cut the strips to a size of 2" x 8". If you have a more stretchy fabric you can cut it a little shorter. Some fleece are more stretchy than others. Also if you want to make it a little more difficult you could make the strips longer.

Begin tying the strips. I only tie it once, I don't use a double knot. Mine have held up pretty well through the wash. Yes, these are washable. You can use the washer or dishwasher to wash. I would not put them in the dryer.

Here is the back of the snuffle mat to show you how I tie the strips.

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